Museum of Contemporary Work

Exhibition Description

The Museum of Contemporary Work is an exhibit highlighting artifacts from the recent past, present and future of work. The objects, both real and fictional, explore themes like identity, inequity, meaning and motivation. From stress balls to smartphones, each selected item is a symbol of the invisible forces at work in our work. Together, they tell stories of how our daily labours are changing—and how they are changing us.

Created and curated by Sean Hazell, the 2024 edition is the exhibition’s first showing in nearly five years and will incorporate new objects highlighting recent topics such as remote work, gig work, productivity, burnout and the impact of artificial intelligence.

Featured Artists: Ana Rita Morais, Anna May Henry, Cat Sacdalan, Derek Last, Dahlia Ishak, Elana Schlenker, Emma Jo Aiken-Klar, Mike Palmer, Peter Andrew Lusztyk, Tom Ruhig, Traven Benner, Stein Wang. 

Collision Gallery provided by QuadReal.

Part of the 14th annual DesignTO Festival, Jan 19-28, 2024.

Exhibition Description