Myseum Intersections

Myseum Intersections

Myseum Intersections

A Festival of Art, Culture and Intersectionality presented by Myseum of Toronto

Myseum Intersections is an annual festival took place from April 2021 to June 2021. The festival explores intersectional perspectives of Toronto through collaborative exhibits, events, and experiences. Intersections presents a wide array of programming intended to create dialogue on civic issues and inspire a deeper knowledge and appreciation of our city.  


Myseum’s Intersections festival fosters collaboration and partnership, bringing together community, culture, arts and heritage organizations to produce compelling programs and a space for lesser known narratives of under-represented communities.


The festival is adopting a new hybrid model, balancing socially distanced physical exhibits with virtual exhibits, events, and experiences.  The Collision Gallery featured two virtual exhibits, Women in Hip Hop and This Woman's Work: Akanzyla.


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This Woman's Work: Akanzyla

In this 7-hour live durational performance that happened on Friday, June 25th, you are invited into her apartment to witness a work day from a possible future where feminine principles such as interspecies communication, ancestral intelligence, ecological healing, care and cooperation reign, but conflict with the residue of destructive legacy systems including colonialism, white supremacy and capitalism. Audience members will be invited to participate in collective work throughout the day, sensing into what futures of how we labour are available to us.

View a recording of the performance by visiting Myseum's Youtube page.

About the Artist

Hima Batavia is a writer, artist and cultural producer based in T’karonto whose work is rooted in collectivity, emergence, radical systems imagination, fun and liberated futures.

IG: @hima_batavia

Women in Hip Hop

Women in Hip Hop presented by Ear Appeal

Historic accounts, interactive galleries and live performances, addressing the past, present and progressive future of the Female MC.


Featuring live performances, video presentations, art, and imagery that challenges the traditional role of women within the male dominated space of hip hop. An exploration of the intersecting experiences of race, sexuality, ability and gender, this Ear Appeal Project reforms harmful social norms and ideologies through authentic storytelling and advocacy using the medium of sound, music and complimentary artistic expressions to provide opportunities for overlooked and underrepresented artists.


Please this link to view the Women in Hip Hip Exhibit:

Women In Hip Hop Music Video

On Friday night, April 30th at 8pm, the music video for Women in Hip Hop premiered on Myseum's YouTube channel.  This video features rap artists Exmiranda, Keysha Freshh and Dijah SB and was shot at the Collision Gallery at Commerce Court.

To view the full music video, as well as more about this year's Intersections festival, please click the button below to visit Myseum's Youtube channel.